Hi there! If you have a script from your doctor and want to share it with us, I can have our clinical team take a look at it and decide if SimpleTherapy will be a good fit for you. Here is some general information about how SimpleTherapy works:

SimpleTherapy is an exercise therapy program that guides you through a series of strengthening, stretching and stabilization activities that could help you relieve pain from the comfort of home. The program uses your personal device, and you follow along with the 15-minute video-guided sessions. Along your journey, exercises will adapt to your needs and change in difficulty to help you progress at a comfortable pace.

Please continue to use the app and answer the questions accordingly. This will assist the program and our clinicians learn more about your pain behaviors which will allow adjustments to be more tailored to your needs. The program typically needs several sessions to make these changes, so hang in there! Please keep in mind that pain can originate from areas that are not necessarily at the physical location of your pain. Therefore, you may want to consider looking at the other programs available for the joints/areas both above and below the location of your current pain. Your safety is our top priority. It is important that you answer the questions during and/or following your sessions so that the program, your health coach(es) and our clinical team are aware of your symptoms and how the program is working and adjusting to you. Feel free to reach back out if you have further questions. You can also schedule a meeting/call with your health coach directly from the app by clicking on the care team tab if/when you feel this is needed.

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