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How can I contact the SimpleTherapy team?
How can I contact the SimpleTherapy team?

See various ways of reaching us.

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Simple Therapy has a number of ways to get in touch with CareTeam members. After all, we are here to help. You are able to ask questions, leave comments, give us feedback and even get any sort of advice that you might need regarding pain areas and well-being.

  1. Login to your SimpleTherapy account. Go to

  2. Click the pink message icon on the bottom right side of your screen

  3. Click "Send us a message."

  4. Type your message and press the arrow key on the right side of your text to send the message. 

Another way to get in contact with a team member is once you are logged in to your SimpleTherapy account. Click the button that says "Care Team."

  1. Call customer service toll free at 1-800-644-2478.

  2. Schedule a call with your health coach or physical therapist.

  3. Sent us a chat message.

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