A proven program for less than the price of a single co-pay

Easy and convenient

Just easy 15 minute sessions every alternate day or at your own convenience.

Made by Doctors – use the personalized icon here

Designed by doctors and surgeons to take care of our needs

5 Minutes to Personalize

Your response to our initial questions activate an exercise therapy program designed just for you.

Follow up Reminders

Set reminder to Complete your weekly Sessions.

Unlimited Access

It's all you can eat buffer of Physical Therapy.

Any Device

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No Travel / No Appointments

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Easy & Friendly Coaching

Each of your 15-minute video sessions includes easy-to-follow instructions, on your balance, posture and gait raining.

Adaptive Program - Progress Yourself®

After each session, you tell us how your exercises felt. The program listens and adapts to help you improve.

Works on Your Schedule

You choose your own session times and progress at your own pace.

No Equipment Needed

Our specially designed exercises can be performed using your day to day house hold items like a soda can, chair, broom stick or a towel!

Live Chat with Health Professional

24/7 chat support with a health professional, ask as many questions as you want.

Quick Sessions

Each session 15-20mins which each fits right in your

Personalized Monitoring

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