When a member is vetted out, a message appears on the screen (followed by an email) recommending that, for the member’s safety, a doctor's input is a good next step. We ask the member to provide with us their doctor's name, city/state, and a written or verbal confirmation from them that their doctor thinks it's okay for them to do exercises on their own, without supervision.

Members have a choice of submitting these details while they are online in a form that show’s up along with this message if they have already received a doctor’s approval (This allows them to complete the sign-up immediately). Or they can also send the details via email/live chat at a later point in time after they have received a doctor’s approval.

Once we receive these details, our Customer CareTeam verifies the information and onboards the member so they can start performing exercises.

Our Customer CareTeam also follows-up with members who have not responded via email and/or phone.

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